Keto Kookie Butter

Sam Dillard is the author and photographer behind Hey Keto Mama, a food blog that cuts carbs and strikes out sugar without sacrificing yummy flavor. She lives in Missouri with her husband and two small children.


This Keto Kookie Butter will give you a healthy and delicious fat boost anytime of the day. I definitely won't judge you for eating it straight from the jar!

I found another great way to step your delicious Keto Kookies up a notch with minimal effort...turn them into spreadable cookie butter!

This is the perfect thing to spread on your low carb waffles, dip your strawberries in, or just enjoy with a spoon.

I remember the very first time I ever heard of cookie butter. My husband (a bigger Cookie Monster than me, if you can believe that) and I were hanging out at a friend's apartment, and there it was on her pantry shelf.

He literally froze, and I'm pretty sure he almost asked for a spoon!

This recipe is so simple to make you won't believe you didn't think of it sooner. Although any Keto Kookie flavor would be excellent for this masterpiece, I chose to go with Snickerdoodle.

Besides the Kookies, the main ingredient is coconut oil, which will help boost the healthy fats you need on your ketogenic diet.

After you mix the ingredients, you won't even have to refrigerate it or anything...just store it in an airtight container, like a mason jar, and pull out whenever you need a spoonful of something low carb and sweet!

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  • Can you ship to Canada?

    Talvinder BHogal
  • Why Coconut Oil and not butter?


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