Keto Pizza Cookie Recipe

We went all out for pizza night... and now we’re drooling 🤤🤤🤤

Check out this insane pizzookie (that's a pizza cookie) recipe we created for you and your low-carb friends and fam! 

Each serving is low-carb approved and a great way to indulge with the family as a special treat.

And with no added sugar, no-nonsense ingredients, and all the great taste of the soft & chewy cookies from childhood, who's gonna say no thank you? 

Keto Pizza Cookie

All you need is: 


  1. Layer your flatbreads and cut out a triangle shape. 
  2. Take out your chocolate, and melt by microwaving in 30-sec increments. 
  3. Spread chocolate on your pizza slice. You’re welcome to make parts thicker and thinner if you’d like...
  4. Take out your cookies and cut them into pieces. You’re welcome to just add the cookies whole as well.
  5. Optional: Crumble a Nui snickerdoodle cookie. Enjoy!

Don't have Nui cookies? Don't worry! We have created a special New Year, Nui You bundle to help you save big. Check it out here. 

What crazy pizza toppings are you dreaming up for dessert? Tag your best cookie creations @eatnui for a chance to be featured! 

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