10 Easy Ways To Stay Keto For The Holidays

The holidays are an assault course of couch surfing, excessive consumption, and binge-watching the best TV shows of the year; we get it. But that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. In fact, the holidays can be the perfect time to reevaluate your attitude and check in with your bad-to-the-bone Keto-self. Look back on all the incredible progress you’ve made this year, and learn to slay the anxiety-dragon. You rock. 

1. Embrace a Keto-Positive Mindset

What is a Keto positive attitude? We’re so glad you asked! Think of this like the Commandments of the Anti-Carb Collective; thou shalt not gloat, thou shalt not make others feelith bad for enjoying fries, thou shalt not salivate other thy neighbor’s cranberry sandwich, and so on. You are Keto, yes, but you are an awesome and compassionate human being too. Be Komposed. Be Keto.

2. Knowledge is Power

There are dozens of useful Apps you can download that will tell you what exactly is in food; therefore, if you see a tray of delicious looking cheese making the rounds, don’t feel bad for trying a new brand. The trick to beating the holidays Keto style is to know what you’re saying yes to, by making smart and well-informed choices. We love MyFitnessPal, which has a meal tracker and a verified pantry list of foods.

3. Set Clear Goals

The best way to stay on your Keto diet is to create clear goals; your Keto is not my Keto is not their Keto. The rules you create should be based on your goals, which will determine your actions. If you are looking to lose fat, your goals are going to be different from someone maintaining or gaining. If you are a Keto-warrior, you might have a 5-point backup plan. There is no wrong or best goal but your goal. 

4. Plan to Fail

To that effect, plan to fail; but what does this mean? When you plan to fail, you set a bar so high that even if you do not reach your goal, you still come in above your expectations. It’s the ultimate win-win and is easy to do. For example, if you know you find dessert hard to resist, make up a delicious Keto cheesecake and bring it to the party. Now you can literally have your cake and eat it too!

5. Don’t Engage Others in Debate

It’s tempting to try to convert people to the dark side, but understanding that not everyone is ready is a big step in staying on-track and happy over the holidays. Your great-uncle might not understand why we eat bacon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and nor does he want to. The important thing is you’re taking steps to create your best self, and who knows, maybe Aunt Gladys will switch to Stevia. 

6. Always Be Gracious (and Plan an Escape Route)

This leads to another important point; the holidays are hard for everyone. From hosting to traveling, we all make our sacrifices. If that means choking down your mom’s meatloaf, sodden in seasoning, do so with a smile in the knowledge this could be anyone’s last year. One small sacrifice here and there is not a big deal in the grander picture, and, when in doubt, do not sign up to visit at mealtimes. 

7. Plan Activities Away from the Dinner Table or Couch

A simple tip for sticking to Keto is to be the change you want to see in the world; rather than waiting to be invited to an event, where you get anxious about what’s on offer, make plans yourself. Invite friends and family to take a trip, go see a show, or just walk around your local town; the holidays have tons of free events, and everyone feels happier with exercise.

8. It’s Ok to Cheat – You Set the Rules

One of the big taboos in the Keto-land is cheating; when you buck the rules and eat something you know you will regret, and then lambast yourself for hours, days, or weeks after. Stop. Please stop. You make the rules, and you can change the rules. One round of fries is not the end. No, we’re not excusing the tardy behavior, but if it stops you from flogging your conscious, it will help you get on track faster.

9. Always Say 'Thank You'   

People are going to offer you sugar and spice and all things nice; it’s what we do for holidays. The best thing to do at a party or function is to say thank you, accept, and keep talking. Chances are, they won’t even notice you don’t eat their triple fudge candy but say no, and you might upset the apple cart. If you need a backup, repeat after us, “Awesome, thank you,” take one and smile.

10. Keep Calm and Keto On

The holidays come but once a year, but Keto is for life. If taking a few weeks off help you to enjoy the festivities, then go for it. If you want to hit up the gym twice as much to confess all your carb-eating and gym-abandoning, go for it, and if you are a Keto warrior, then Keto on. No one is going to judge you for trying your best and living life on your terms. And if all fails, start over and beat your personal best. 


Remember, the holidays are a time of giving thanks and embracing a life of gratitude. Diets and food can trigger anxieties in our friends and family too; but love and compassion, and a Keto cookie won’t ever let you down.

Photo credit: Ruocaled

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