Why We Bake Our Cookies with Allulose

Everyone is asking, "How did you make these Nui cookies so soft and chewy?!"

Well, we can't give away the whole secret but what we can tell you is it has something to do with the sweetener we now use.

We now bake our cookies with allulose! 


  • It comes from jack fruit and dates and has the same makeup as fruits natural sugar, fructose, but in a different order. 
  • Although 70–84% of the allulose is absorbed into your blood from your digestive tract, it is eliminated without being used as fuel (1).
  • Unlike sugar alcohol, it won't ferment in your gut and leave you feeling all bloated and gross. 

Allulose is also what gives our new cookies that homebaked smell and taste you can't get enough of...yummmmmm 😊

It closely resembles real sugar so you can taste the difference. 

May Help Control Sugar Levels

According to many doctors, people who have diabetes or are watching their blood sugar — it does not typically raise blood sugar or insulin levels, so you may wish to chat with your doctor about introducing some "sweet treats." 

Baked with Fewer Calories  

Allulose provides only 0.2–0.4 calories per gram, or about 1/10 the calories of table sugar.

Some researchers are now starting to explore the idea that allulose may even aid in reducing inflammation, making it very complimentary to a keto diet (2). 

May Promote Fat Loss  

Research in obese rats suggests that allulose may also help boost fat loss. This includes unhealthy belly fat, also known as visceral fat, which is strongly linked to heart disease and other health problems (3). 

Ready to see what all the fuss is about? We're shipping fresh cookies daily. Grab yours now!

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