You're Changing The World One Kookie at a Time!

Wow, what an amazing and delicious journey it’s been!

When we started Keto Kookie, our goal was simple; we wanted to create a delicious Kookie made with premium ingredients that are low carb, high in fat, and Keto-friendly.

Then something truly scrumptious happened:

  • We heard from parents like RD Dikeman who felt excited that he can finally put a cookie inside their Type 1 son’s lunch box.
  • Keto Kookie fans who struggled their entire life with weight were overjoyed because they could finally stick to “their diet” and still lose over 100 lbs., all while eating Kookies in the process.

After hearing these, and many more, incredible stories, we realized that Keto Kookie is so much more than just delicious fatty goodness. You’re changing the world one Kookie at a time, and have created a real spark for transformation!   

Our Fave Keto Kookie Memories:

  • We met for coffee to share our keto progress and decided to try our hand at baking Keto-friendly cookies (who doesn’t love dunking Kookies in coffee?).
  • Our ravenous taste testers gave us two thumbs up to bake, so we launched a crowdfunding campaign and raised over $21,000 (four times our goal) to “Kickstart” Keto Kookie!
  • That Kickstarter helped us to rent a shared space in our first commercial kitchen. We hired friends and family to help us bake (Hi Matt, Letty, and Lisa!).
  • On day one, however, we almost burned down the commercial kitchen – guess who learned the true meaning of “Keep Calm and Keto On?”
  • We hired our amazing kitchen manager and grew our team from two to 10 people. We’ve never felt more grown up.
  • We launched our third flavor, Double Chocolate, which sold out of a full month’s supply in just one day. We were blown away by all you amazing people!
  • We realized we’ve baked enough Kookies to stretch 100 football fields!
  • We’ve been inspired by the friendship and company of researchers like Dr. Dom D’Agostino, Dr. Jacob Wilson, and Ryan Lowery (PhD candidate) and Best Selling Authors like Jimmy Moore, Maria Emmerich, and Leanne Vogel.

So, while this sounds like the beginning of our resignation, believe me, this is just the beginning of something super special between us!

Introducing The Keto Kookie

Crowdfunding Campaign

We couldn’t be happier, or more excited to share this news with you; Keto Kookie is hosting a crowdfunding campaign, and we want you to be apart of our history!


With your support, we want to:

Spread the Keto Message. We want everyone to learn the benefits of a low carb diet, and why we love Keto so much; crowdfunding is our megaphone to share keto mainstream.

Purchase a Cookie Depositor Machine - Our dough is unique and requires a special machine to mix. The last thing we want to do is change our recipe to meet our demand.

Purchase Wrapping Machines - Each cookie is hand sealed; a wrapping machine will allow us to increase both the efficiency and extend our shelf life (win-win!).

Move into a Larger Facility - Our team is growing fast, and we need more room (to bake and become more delicious by the day).

Get Better Pricing – Bigger companies have better prices because they can buy quality in bulk – we want to pass these yummy savings onto you!

Finally, Bake More Keto Kookie Flavors – With all that extra time on our hands, we’ll be able to make and deliver more delicious flavors than ever before.  

Are you interested in supporting Keto Kookie’s crowdfunding campaign?

Kristoffer & Victor

Co-Founders / Keto Kookie

P.S. Are you interested in supporting Keto Kookie’s crowdfunding campaign? Leave a comment with a ‘heck yeah.’ You can check out our page at for all the info!

Frequently Asked Questions

Guys, Why Are You Hosting Another Crowdfunding Campaign?

Crowdfunding helped us get our foot in the (oven) door and open our first kitchen (thank you Kickstarter fans!), but to make this a real deal, longtime deal, we need to make some more magic happen.

What Do I Get Out of the Deal?

While crowdfunding can sound a lot like “me, me, me,” we know there would be no Keto Kookie without you! That’s why we want to make this campaign as much fun as possible, with lots of opportunities for you to get your hands on delicious low carb treats and exclusive prices that you can’t get anywhere else!    

When’s All This Happening?

Phew! The next few weeks are going to be a buttery bonanza, and while we have no hard dates for you right now, we promise, very soon, you’re going to get all the dirt you need to get in on this delicious expansion. You’ll be the first to know when we’re ready to pull the trigger!

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  • I am in! Seems phenomenal! Can’t wait! Thank you!

    Loraine Mendez

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