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Keto Fast Food: Bailout Meals For On-The-Go Ketonians

Didn’t pack your lunch?  Don’t panic.  I rarely have time to make my own lunch.  Now that I have devoted 18 hours a day to growing and spreading the Nui vision, it’s hard to drop by the grocery store to pick up food that I’d have to prep, cut, bake, and pack into the next day’s lunch box.  One of the biggest challenges, when I started the keto diet, was finding keto fast food, which is one of the reasons, we started Keto Kookie.

Over time, I found some easy way to have lunch.  Most fast food places have some sort of way to make a meal ketofied.  Here are some tricks I use whenever I need a quick keto fast food meal:

  • Sans Buns / Wrap - Ask for that burger or breakfast burrito without the carbage.  Ask for protein style, lettuce wrap, or simply “no bun”.
  • Add an egg to boost your fat intake - 
  • Yes, I could have said bacon, but that would be too easy.  Having a burger?  Add an egg.  Salad?  Add an egg.  Soup?  Add an egg.
  • And for the advanced Ketonian, have a coffee with heavy cream to sustain you til dinner -  In other words, other than coffee and a little cream, fast til dinner.  Now that I’ve fat-adapted, I’ll be in the bakery in the morning, meeting with our team mid-day, and by the time I have time to eat, the sun is already down.  One thing I’ve noticed going Keto, is I no longer get hangry if I don’t eat for a long time.

Keto Fast Food Meals

Being in California, here are my typical go-to to-go meals.

  1. In-N-Out double double protein style burger
  2. Any salad with extra ranch or caesar dressing
  3. Wing-Stop or Buffalo Wild Wings traditional chicken wings (non-breaded) with a side or two of ranch or bleu cheese
  4. Chipotle bowl with lettuce, choice of meat, extra sour cream, and extra cheese.
  5. Farmer Boys breakfast bowl with eggs, sausage, bacon, cheese and sour cream.  Ask for no potatoes.
  6. Portola cold brew coffee with an inch of heavy cream. 

What are your go-to meals on-the-go?


Kristoffer Quiaoit, Co-Founder of Keto Kookie

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