How to Ketofy Thanksgiving Dinner

Cornbread. Stuffing. Pumpkin cake. If Thanksgiving is getting you all hot and bothered, and you haven’t even ventured into the kitchen yet, we’ve got some delicious, quick fixes you can use to stay calm and Keto. It’s time to rethink Thanksgiving; in most case, you’ll be the one building your plate, so there’s no need to panic. Just make smart choices and focus on friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving!


The Main Attraction

turkey legs

Thanksgiving means turkey will be on the menu, but it doesn’t mean you can add a second or even a third meat selection to your menu. From Atkins lamb shanks to Primal pork chops, a second option is a great way to serve guests lavishly and allows you to add a fattier meat to your menu. If you’re on a budget, like many of us are, wrapping the turkey in bacon is always a winning situation. Remember, it’s the holidays, and you can live a little!


Recipe: Easy Oven Roasted Turkey Legs


Go Green

low carb green bean casserole

Thanksgiving is all about knocking elbows at the table as you tuck into the sides; many side dishes are surprisingly Keto and enable you to create your own plate. Stick to green beans, broccoli, and yes, Brussel sprouts, with lashings of butter, fried bacon, and a pinch or two of salt for an easy filler that is traditional yet tasty. Alternatively, you can look for carb free seasoning to give your veggies a blast of flavor. If in doubt, we’ll be drenching our veggies in cheese sauce. Who will resist? 


Recipe: Low-carb Green Bean Casserole


Say Yes to Gravy

low carb keto gravy

It doesn’t matter how succulent the Turkey, how glistening the green beans; if you can’t drown it all in gravy, what’s the point? Avoid pre-made high-carb gravy, and instead, make your own. It’s amazingly easy to do and is a great way to recycle all the leftover bacon grease. Use an immersion blender, blend together all the sauce on a low heat until it is thickened. We love to pour Keto Gravy over cauliflower mash – a great way to feel festive without the ‘carb blight’ of potato.


Recipe: The Ultimate Keto Gravy


Snack Attack

homemade pork rinds

If you’re entertaining guests, be sure to keep an assortment of Keto friendly snacks on hand. These can also be packed down into Tupperware if you are traveling. Cheeses, sliced lunch meats, salamis, and nuts (Brazil, almond, macadamia, etc.) are all seasonal favorites that will give you plenty of energy to help you avoid the need for a cat nap after all that food. A quick tip: Presentation is everything and a few pumpkins here and there at a snack station will get everyone in the mood. 


Recipe: Homemade Pork Rinds


BYOD: Bring Your Own Dessert

pumpkin pie cheesecake

Just because you are Keto does not mean you can miss out on all the delicious Thanksgiving desserts on offer. Nothing says “I’m thankful” like a Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake or Snickerdoodle Keto Kookie Halo ice-cream sandwiches. With a few Keto-friendly swaps, like almond flour, and Liquid Stevia, you can easily make a delicious treat everyone can enjoy. Plus, after all that lean, low-fat Turkey, you can stand to add a few extra calories to your plate. There’s no end to what desserts you can hack. Believe us!


What yummy recipes do you recommend for a Keto Thanksgiving? Leave a comment below!

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