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The Nui Cookie Shark Tank Story

The Shark Tank Experience

Imagine, two guys, drinking three shots of espresso and running around their office. The goal... to raise their heartbeats and mimic the anxiety of being on a primetime TV show. That’s exactly what we did to prep for our appearance on ABC's SHARK TANK!

We listened to each and every episode. We answered every question asked to the contestants. You could say we got bit by Shark Tank fever!

For the live casting call, we thought we showed up early, but there were well over 1,000 people standing in line. It was crazy. It felt like American Idol. We had finished a pretty big convention the day before and were both so exhausted, but thankful for our pre-training.

Casting turned into an 11 hour day, where we spent all day long condensing our story into a 1-minute script. We practiced all sorts of ways to present our scenario leading up to this moment and wanted to make sure we left no room for error.

Overall, Shark Tank was as fun and nerve-wracking as you might imagine, and we loved being able to share that experience retrospectively, in our viewing party on Facebook.

From Grassroots…  

It’s easy to watch Shark Tank and think that Nui is an overnight success story, but like many brands, there have been a lot of moments, a lot of trials and tribulations and experiences along the way that got us to where we are now.

Both of us came into Nui with some expectations and experience of being entrepreneurs. It wasn’t our first rodeo, by any means, but when we sat in Kris’s mom's kitchen, wondering if people even wanted what we were making, it was a very humbling experience.

We would scoop cookies by hand, and work on marketing, then scoop some more, and eat dinner, and come back, and scoop some more and work on financing, and scoop some more into the night. It was a very involved process, and when you are that fixated on making something happen, and you don’t even know what the result will be, it can be daunting.

Something that has helped with those long days has been sharing the milestones and successes with friends and family and making them apart of our Nui family too.

We found that when you share your victories and success with those near and dear, things fall into place. And that support helped set the stage for our first “big win” on Kickstarter.

We originally set out to raise $5,000 to get our keto cookie idea out of Kris’s mom's kitchen. We raised over $22k and went on to crowdfund over $100k in total, all thanks to incredible people who have supported our visions and dreams.

Those Keto Guys!    

One of our most memorable experiences was when a man slammed down his hands in front of us on a table and declared proudly, “You guys are my heroes!” We were shocked, and honestly, were a bit confused.

He told us that his son has Type 1 diabetes and that he can now confidently put a cookie in his son’s lunchbox and help him feel like a normal kid again. At that moment, it all changed, everything, and we feel completely empowered to push keto cookies to the limit.

That moment, and many more, even shaped the decisions we made after that, like the huge decison to change our name to Nui. It was one of the scariest decisions we’ve made; we loved keto, and we loved cookies, would people want the change?

Then we met a mom who was looking for a healthy cookie for her kids, and she asked if we had a recommendation. We said, of course, try our keto cookies. But she replied, “Well, he’s not on the ketogenic diet.” And that’s when we realized a big predicament, a disconnect if you will.

Nui is all about celebrating the one thing that unites people from all different sectors of the food industry. We are proudly low sugar. Sugar is our common enemy. And just removing sugar from your diet can have all kinds of health benefits.

But yes, we are still proudly ketogenic, and so are our cookies, but we wanted to make a stand, and for us, this name Nui shares our passion, our vision, and is inclusionary for everyone who is sugar-free.

The Future of Nui

Since we were featured on Shark Tank, things at Nui have gotten a little bit crazier. We had our biggest sales day in the history of ever.

Having the Shark Tank support us gives our brand the seal of approval, and while we can’t give too much away, we do think the future is very bright and alive with fresh ideas and flavors.

It’s been incredible hearing from friends and family, some new, some old, and some who have grown with us, and using their excitement and this combined platform and experience to see where we can spring to next; and we’re so very grateful that you found us and stood by us on this journey, it’s far from over.

So from everyone at Nui, we want to thank you from the bottom of our buttery heart for making this all possible. You are the reason we get to live out our dreams, thank you!

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