Why Keto Kookie Changed Its Name to Nui

Keto Kookie - the world’s most delicious high-fat low-carb cookie - is changing its name to help more people beat their sugar cravings

When we started on our personal Keto journey, we were in need of a delicious way to resist those devious sugar cravings and get our fatty goodness on-the-go.

So, in 2016, in Co-Founder Kristoffer’s mom’s kitchen, we threw on our aprons and mixed up the magic that would become a Kickstarter success - Keto Kookie. We discovered that others needed a diet hero as well, so we offered Keto Kookies to the masses. We wanted to create a snack that offered an easy and delicious way cut the sugar and get more quality fats like coconut oil and MCT oil into your diet.

Since then, you’ve shown our cookies so much love, and we remind ourselves daily:


  • You’ve been the best supporters anyone could ask for,
  • We’re super grateful for all your amazing feedback and suggestions,
  • And you’re the reason we’re on a renewed mission to make cutting out sugar ridiculously easy, tasty and fun.

    Now, we want to continue to fulfill that promise with our next phase of evolution

    Why We Changed Our Name

    As much as we bleed red and ketones, something we’ve come to appreciate is how hard it truly is to quit sugar… Sugar is much more than an addiction; it’s the culprit for many of our leading metabolic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and even Alzheimer's disease.

    Now, more than ever, people are turning away from sugar and carbs in favor of clean and natural ingredients to boost their mental, physical, and optimal wellness. A high-fat low-carb diet has also been shown to improve cognitive health and can aid in weight loss.

    So, to put it briefly, we’ve decided to change our name so that we can help even more people take the first step in leading a more active and healthy life.

    Our cookies aren’t just “Keto.” They’re low sugar, low carb and gluten free cookies filled with delicious fatty goodness that everyone can enjoy. We want to erase any misconceptions people may have about starting the Ketogenic diet and give more people the confidence to get onboard.

    By taking the Keto out of our name, we’re bringing more people on-board. Sneaky, hu?  

    But as you realize, changing a name can be a challenging task; one does not simply change a name and move on with their day. A name is linked to who we are, what we do, and is how people know us. Changing our name made us nervous until we realized that in order to live up to our promise, we needed to spread our buttery wings.

    So what’s our new name?

    Well, it rhymes with ooey, gooey, and chewy, and it means greatness and abundance

    Our new name is Nui...

    And it’s so good to finally meet you!

    Here are some FAQs to help you get to know us a little better:

    Are you changing your recipe?

    Naturally, one of the first questions people had when we hinted at changing our name was “will you be changing your cookies?” To which we say, “Kinda, but not really.”

    Each cookie will still have all the quality fats, low net carbs and low sugar you’ve come to expect, but we have decided to add three natural ingredients to help improve stability and shelf life (all this means is more cookies can stay in the pantry for when you need them most!).

    Growing up means taking on more responsibility, and we want to provide you with the best possible cookie!

    Is Nui still Keto?

    Heck yes we are! We still bleed red and Ketones, and our new name will allow us to reach a wider audience who can benefit from the Ketogenic diet. We want to support ANYONE who wants to kick their sugar cravings to the curb with delicious fatty goodness. Our cookies are still high fat, low in carbs, and packed with goodies like MCT & coconut oil, and support a Ketogenic diet (or any other diet!).

    Will Nui be sold out all the time?

    We can’t guarantee won’t sell out from time to time. However, we have worked some magic behind the scenes to give you even more cookies when you need them most. We want to reward your patience and are excited to show you all the ways we have grown these sweet few years. Becoming Nui has opened so many doors, and we’re excited to bring you with us.

    Will there be new Nui flavors?

    Yes. We’re always innovating and will be releasing more flavors soon. In fact, the rumor mill has caught wind that a new flavor is about to go live, and it’s sprinkled with fatty goodness. Can you guess what our next flavor will be?

    Will Nui cookies be available in stores?

    Not yet, but with this change, we’ll be able to move closer to you. You can continue to purchase our cookies online, and we’re working behind the scenes to make this process as smooth as possible while we grow. So, despite dropping the Keto from our name, we’re still bringing you all the fatty goodness you can handle! 

    While we might have a new name, rest assured - now more than ever - we are committed to a high-fat low-carb cookie that can help you live a more abundant and delicious life.

    That’s Our Nui Promise to You

    Our promise is the same as it’s always been - to help more people reach greatness and abundance in life, only now, we’re more experienced and have the momentum to really bring that promise to life. For that, we couldn’t be more thankful for your support. From a small idea have come so many life-changing stories - like the parents who can give their kids cookies back in their lunch boxes to the heroes making a fitness comeback. We want to help you achieve all your goals, and we want to have fun while doing it.

    Nui is all about greatness and abundance - it isn’t a diet, it isn’t just Keto, it’s a community of awesome people coming together and sharing great tips and advice on how to become who they know they can be, and snacking deliciously. So, grab your Nui, tell a friend, and let’s show the world what we’re made of; butter and spice, and all things fatty and nice.

    We cannot wait to continue on this journey with you.

    Keep it buttery,

    Victor and Kristoffer,

    Co-founders of Nui

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    • Hi there. It was hard to find with the new name. I thought I was being misdirected to a sneaky URL. I just started Keto and I am really craving a KOOKIE! Hope I can order some until you make it to retail. Good luck…Nan


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