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@ketokookie did not disappoint! I spend easily 75-80% of my day cooking up keto confections and goodies in my kitchen, trying to please my hungry beasties. Sometimes though it'd be so nice to get to enjoy a delicious keto treat that I didn't have to make myself (and no dishes to clean is a MASSIVE plus when in a test kitchen!). A lot of "keto-friendly" baked goods that exist have ingredients I'd never use in my own baking and wouldn't want to give my little ones, but not #ketokookie ! All their ingredients are ones I use in my kitchen everyday (except monk fruit but it's in some of my favourite things) and the ratios are great. But I know what y'all really want to know- DOES IT TASTE GOOD?! Well I've got news for you...it is DELICIOUS!! I definitely wish I had been able to try the chocolate chip instead, as it's my favourite and I think I'd like it more than the snickerdoodle but that being said the texture of this cookie was divine! It was soft, and moist, and perfect! It was hard to share!! I would definitely recommend trying a box! ? #keto #lchf #ketogenic #sugarfree #glutenfree #grainfree #lowcarb

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Omg! Yes give me some of that fatty goodness! #ketokookie #keto #lchf #ketofam #ketogenicdiet #ketoweightloss

A post shared by Lissette ? (@keto_lissie) on

Look what I gooooot ? #cookies #keto #ketogenic #lchf #food #fitfam #healthyeating #healthyliving #ketokookie #eatfat #chocolatechip

A post shared by Gabrielle Harkins (@gabrielle_harkins) on

My Christmas ?this year. 23 boxes of @ketokookie! #ketokookie #ketokookies #fattygoodness

A post shared by Francis Choe (@francischoe) on

Afternoon delight. #ketokookie #icedcoffee #comicbooks #cat #jammiesallday #dayoff

A post shared by Jill Rodriguez (@jamjar42) on

@ketokookie and @halotopcreamery to go with this beautiful fall day ??and the Bama game!????

A post shared by abigailkey (@abigailkey) on

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